Indecs ry is the student’s association of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Tampere University. Indecs exists to connect students of the degree and provide them fun activities, help with studies and an opportunity to influence the direction of the university.

Guild room

Guild room (also known simply as the guild) is the common space of the members of the guild which is open to everyone during opening hours. In the guild you can enjoy free coffee for members, play games, study or just relax on the sofa with your guild mates. The Indecs guild room is located in a corridor in konetalo, known as the guild corridor, where you can also find our neighboring guilds YKI, Man@ger and the services of KoRK. You’ll definitely get to know the guild during the orientation week, and it’s a place worth spending time in later on!

Activity of the guild

The members of the guild are served by a boardconsisting of around 30 volunteers amongst its members. The board runs the guild's activities, including organising events and looking after the guild room. Tapahtumakalenterista löytyy varmasti jokaiselle mieluista tekemistä koko lukuvuodeksi. Voit tutustua killan järjestämien tapahtumien tunnelmaan Indecsin kuvagalleriasta!

Joining the guild

To enjoy the perks of membership you must join the guild by paying a membership fee of 5 euros. The membership fee is valid for one season at a time, from September to September. You can become a member during the orientation week!