Teekkari culture


The "official uniform" of finnish students, suitable for most occasions. In Finland each subject association has it's own overalls recognizable from a combination of color and symbols. Indecs' overalls are white with the guild's logo in the back with the curve on it being colored differently for each year group. The overalls are purchased during the freshman autumn by the year group as a whole. In order to achieve this the year group selects a project team after the beginning of studies.

The overall project culminates in an overall sauna, where the overalls are distributed!

Teekkari cap

Trademark of all finish techincal students, teekkaries, is a tassel cap known as teekkarilakki, teekkari cap in english. It is an accessory which teekkaries carry with pride from Wappu until the end of September. Freshmen get to wear their caps for the first time at the cap ceremony on the night of Wappu. ? Saisiko Wappu osion lisättyä  

Tampereen Teekkarit

An organisation founded after the merger of the old techincal university of Tampere to Tampere university. It consists of the guilds in Hervanta and exists to maintain and promote the unique teekkari culture in Tampere. Tampereen teekkarit for example maintain the Teekkarisaunaa and organise major teekkari events. 

Fuksi pass

There is much more to the daily life of a Herwanta teekkari than just studying. In order to guide and faciliate the exploretaion of various possible events and other aspects of teekkari culture freshmen, also known as fuksies, are given passes. By participating in different activites you can earn points and compete with other fuksies.