Teekkari culture

University students studying technology are called teekkaris. Teekkari culture consists of all the events, humour and traditions that the technology students have. In Tampere, the group Tampereen teekkarit, advocate for the teekkari traditions and the teekkari spirit.

Fuksis in teekkari dipping (photograph by Aaro Tuukkala)

One of the most noticeable artefacts of the teekkari culture is the teekkari cap that can be freely used by a teekkari from Wappu until putting the cap away for the winter. Wappu is celebrated by teekkaris for a couple weeks and the celebration culminates in the unforgettable teekkari dipping where the fuksis are dipped in Tammerkoski. When the fuksis have been dipped in the rapid they officially become teekkaris.